Welcome and About

As most people who know me for any length of time quickly discover, I write. Most don’t know how intensely I get absorbed in it, how real it becomes to me while I’m in the middle of it… or the wrenching feeling when I have to walk away from it and go back to the everyday world.

I write novel-length fiction. I occasionally write short fiction, and the presentable examples are available here as well. I write first and foremost for my own amusement, just to see what will happen if I put characters in a given situation, and then switch the roles around and see how that influences the outcome, which is usually quite a lot. I have worlds of my own I visit to explore, learn, practice, and escape.

As of 2014, I’ve begun to move into indie publishing, which has involved revisiting several works I had considered complete and doing greater or lesser levels of revision. My official writing site is at prysmcat.com, where you can find my published novels. I have deliberately chosen to keep prices minimal, because I’m more interested in finding an audience to share my worlds with than I am in making money from it. I strongly suspect that an attempt at turning what I love into a career would lead to a career doing something I used to love but now resented.

Under Novels, you can find a list of my longer works, both published and undergoing revision. Misc. Shorts has a detailed list of the various short works I’ve done, though be aware, a number of them are outright erotica. Moonblood is an experiment in serialized fiction. Gaia is my personal playground world, and I’ve done a little polishing on the first part of it to make it available here. My Writing blog is updated rather sporadically, as I tend to get distracted by actual writing or by real-life events. My Official Author Site has info on my indie-published work, among other things, and is maintained more regularly than this one.

When I’m not writing, I’m making cat toys, volunteering with a local TNVR organization, maintaining a lolanimals site for my friends, serving my three feline overlords, and now and then, eating and sleeping.