Hello World!

Hi! I’m Prysmcat, sometimes known as Steph Shangraw.

I write fantasy.

Specifically, character-driven fantasy. There are adults trying to get through bad situations; shapeshifting and transformations; cats and other animals; all kinds of messing about with gender, orientation, poly, and kink; and other kinds of diversity.

What there won’t be is grimdark ANYTHING; bigotry as a good thing; animal cruelty; gore or horror; unsettling or depressing endings.

Why is it all free? Well, there was a time I wanted to make a career, or at least a paid sideline, out of writing, but things happened and now I can’t work anymore. I can’t realistically handle it as a business, but that doesn’t make the overwhelming drive to tell stories and share them go away.

So, follow to get a chapter a day of whichever story I decide to share next. I have plenty already finished and I’m always working on more!

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  1. @fantasy Hm, probably I could have added a lot more hashtags to this.

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