What You Can Expect

You will find:
Fantasy; adults trying to get through bad situations; shapeshifting and transformation; friendship and loyalty; a variety of gender identies and expression, orientations, consensual kinkiness, and/or honest polyamory; clean accurate grammar/spelling (in Canadian English); people figuring out who they are, what matters to them, and where they belong; sex-positivity; cats and other animals; 30+ years of writing; non-stereotypical characters; bad guys with reasons to do things.

What you will not find:
Animal abuse or cruelty (efficient hunting and rescued animals happen); any bigotry/prejudice/sexism/etc as a good or even vaguely acceptable thing; Disney romance; gore, horror, and similarly yucky disturbing things; military stories; cliche sexual “Will they? Won’t they?” ad nauseam; grimdark ANYTHING; abandoned stories; unsettling or depressing endings; fanfiction; abuse masquerading as love or healthy sex; gratuitous sex or violence.

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